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 *    dither.c
 *    Copyright (C) Aaron Holtzman - May 1999
 *  This file is part of ac3dec, a free Dolby AC-3 stream decoder.
 *  ac3dec is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
 *  any later version.
 *  ac3dec is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *  GNU General Public License for more details.
 *  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *  along with GNU Make; see the file COPYING.  If not, write to
 *  the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. 

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "ac3.h"
#include "ac3_internal.h"

#include "dither.h"

const uint_16 dither_lut[256] = 
 0x0000, 0xa011, 0xe033, 0x4022, 0x6077, 0xc066, 0x8044, 0x2055,
 0xc0ee, 0x60ff, 0x20dd, 0x80cc, 0xa099, 0x0088, 0x40aa, 0xe0bb,
 0x21cd, 0x81dc, 0xc1fe, 0x61ef, 0x41ba, 0xe1ab, 0xa189, 0x0198,
 0xe123, 0x4132, 0x0110, 0xa101, 0x8154, 0x2145, 0x6167, 0xc176,
 0x439a, 0xe38b, 0xa3a9, 0x03b8, 0x23ed, 0x83fc, 0xc3de, 0x63cf,
 0x8374, 0x2365, 0x6347, 0xc356, 0xe303, 0x4312, 0x0330, 0xa321,
 0x6257, 0xc246, 0x8264, 0x2275, 0x0220, 0xa231, 0xe213, 0x4202,
 0xa2b9, 0x02a8, 0x428a, 0xe29b, 0xc2ce, 0x62df, 0x22fd, 0x82ec,
 0x8734, 0x2725, 0x6707, 0xc716, 0xe743, 0x4752, 0x0770, 0xa761,
 0x47da, 0xe7cb, 0xa7e9, 0x07f8, 0x27ad, 0x87bc, 0xc79e, 0x678f,
 0xa6f9, 0x06e8, 0x46ca, 0xe6db, 0xc68e, 0x669f, 0x26bd, 0x86ac,
 0x6617, 0xc606, 0x8624, 0x2635, 0x0660, 0xa671, 0xe653, 0x4642,
 0xc4ae, 0x64bf, 0x249d, 0x848c, 0xa4d9, 0x04c8, 0x44ea, 0xe4fb,
 0x0440, 0xa451, 0xe473, 0x4462, 0x6437, 0xc426, 0x8404, 0x2415,
 0xe563, 0x4572, 0x0550, 0xa541, 0x8514, 0x2505, 0x6527, 0xc536,
 0x258d, 0x859c, 0xc5be, 0x65af, 0x45fa, 0xe5eb, 0xa5c9, 0x05d8,
 0xae79, 0x0e68, 0x4e4a, 0xee5b, 0xce0e, 0x6e1f, 0x2e3d, 0x8e2c,
 0x6e97, 0xce86, 0x8ea4, 0x2eb5, 0x0ee0, 0xaef1, 0xeed3, 0x4ec2,
 0x8fb4, 0x2fa5, 0x6f87, 0xcf96, 0xefc3, 0x4fd2, 0x0ff0, 0xafe1,
 0x4f5a, 0xef4b, 0xaf69, 0x0f78, 0x2f2d, 0x8f3c, 0xcf1e, 0x6f0f,
 0xede3, 0x4df2, 0x0dd0, 0xadc1, 0x8d94, 0x2d85, 0x6da7, 0xcdb6,
 0x2d0d, 0x8d1c, 0xcd3e, 0x6d2f, 0x4d7a, 0xed6b, 0xad49, 0x0d58,
 0xcc2e, 0x6c3f, 0x2c1d, 0x8c0c, 0xac59, 0x0c48, 0x4c6a, 0xec7b,
 0x0cc0, 0xacd1, 0xecf3, 0x4ce2, 0x6cb7, 0xcca6, 0x8c84, 0x2c95,
 0x294d, 0x895c, 0xc97e, 0x696f, 0x493a, 0xe92b, 0xa909, 0x0918,
 0xe9a3, 0x49b2, 0x0990, 0xa981, 0x89d4, 0x29c5, 0x69e7, 0xc9f6,
 0x0880, 0xa891, 0xe8b3, 0x48a2, 0x68f7, 0xc8e6, 0x88c4, 0x28d5,
 0xc86e, 0x687f, 0x285d, 0x884c, 0xa819, 0x0808, 0x482a, 0xe83b,
 0x6ad7, 0xcac6, 0x8ae4, 0x2af5, 0x0aa0, 0xaab1, 0xea93, 0x4a82,
 0xaa39, 0x0a28, 0x4a0a, 0xea1b, 0xca4e, 0x6a5f, 0x2a7d, 0x8a6c,
 0x4b1a, 0xeb0b, 0xab29, 0x0b38, 0x2b6d, 0x8b7c, 0xcb5e, 0x6b4f,
 0x8bf4, 0x2be5, 0x6bc7, 0xcbd6, 0xeb83, 0x4b92, 0x0bb0, 0xaba1

uint_16 lfsr_state = 1;

// see dither_gen (inline-able) in dither.h

#if 0

// this is the old dither_gen with is much slower than the new inlined
// lut version and is still here because it's easier to understand.

 * Generate eight bits of pseudo-entropy using a 16 bit linear
 * feedback shift register (LFSR). The primitive polynomial used
 * is 1 + x^4 + x^14 + x^16.
 * The distribution is uniform, over the range [-0.707,0.707]

uint_16 dither_gen(void)
      int i;
      uint_32 state;

      //explicitly bring the state into a local var as gcc > 3.0?
      //doesn't know how to optimize out the stores
      state = lfsr_state;

      //Generate eight pseudo random bits
            state <<= 1;      

            if(state & 0x10000)
                  state ^= 0xa011;

      lfsr_state = state;

      return (((((sint_32)state<<8)>>8) * (sint_32) (0.707106 * 256.0))>>16);


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