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 *  EMU10k1 loader
 *  Copyright (c) 2003,2004 by Peter Zubaj
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 *   (at your option) any later version.
 *   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *   GNU General Public License for more details.
 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *   along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *   Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307 USA

#ifndef __LD10K1_H
#define __LD10K1_H

#define MAX_CONST_COUNT 0x220
#define MAX_GPR_COUNT 0x200
#define MAX_TRAM_COUNT 0x100

/* instructions */
typedef struct {
      unsigned int used: 1,
            modified: 1;
      unsigned int op_code;
      unsigned int arg[4];
} ld10k1_instr_t;

/* tram */
typedef struct {
      unsigned int used: 1,
            type: 2,
            req_pos: 2,
            pos: 2;
      unsigned int size;
      unsigned int offset;
      int acc_count;
} ld10k1_tram_grp_t;

#define TRAM_OP_NULL 0
#define TRAM_OP_READ 1
#define TRAM_OP_WRITE 2

typedef struct {
      unsigned int used: 1,
            modified: 1;
      unsigned int op;
      unsigned int addr_val;
      unsigned int data_val;
} ld10k1_tram_hwacc_t;

typedef struct {
      unsigned int used: 1,
            type: 2;
      unsigned int offset;
      unsigned int hwacc;
      unsigned int grp;
} ld10k1_tram_acc_t;

typedef struct {
      unsigned int size;
      unsigned int max_hwacc;
      ld10k1_tram_hwacc_t *hwacc;
      unsigned int used_hwacc;
} ld10k1_tram_t;



typedef struct ld10k1_conn_point_tag
      struct ld10k1_conn_point_tag *next;

      int id;
      int con_count; /* count of io connected to this point */
      unsigned int con_gpr_idx;
      int type[MAX_CONN_PER_POINT];
      struct ld10k1_patch_tag *patch[MAX_CONN_PER_POINT];
      int io[MAX_CONN_PER_POINT];
      unsigned int out_gpr_idx[MAX_CONN_PER_POINT];

      int simple;

      int reserved_gpr;
      int reserved_instr;

      struct ld10k1_patch_tag *owner;
      int position;

      unsigned int out_instr_offset;
      ld10k1_instr_t out_instr[MAX_INSTR_PER_POINT];
} ld10k1_conn_point_t;

typedef struct {
      char *name;
      ld10k1_conn_point_t *point;
} ld10k1_p_in_out_t;

typedef struct {
      unsigned int gpr_idx;
      unsigned int const_val;
} ld10k1_p_const_sta_t;

typedef struct {
      unsigned int gpr_idx;
} ld10k1_p_dyn_t;

typedef struct {
      unsigned int reg_idx;
      unsigned int gpr_idx;
} ld10k1_p_hw_t;

typedef struct {
      unsigned int grp_type;
      unsigned int grp_size;
      unsigned int grp_pos;
      unsigned int grp_idx;
} ld10k1_p_tram_grp_t;

typedef struct {
      unsigned int acc_type;
      unsigned int acc_offset;
      unsigned int acc_idx;
      unsigned int grp;
} ld10k1_p_tram_acc_t;

typedef struct {
      char name[44];
      int index;
      int want_index;
      unsigned int vcount;          /* count of GPR (1..32) */
      unsigned int count;                 /* count of GPR (1..32) */
      unsigned int gpr_idx[32];     /* GPR number(s) */
      unsigned int value[32];
      unsigned int min;             /* minimum range */
      unsigned int max;             /* maximum range */
      unsigned int translation;     /* typ - 0 - bool, num 1 - enum */
} ld10k1_ctl_t;

typedef struct ld10k1_ctl_list_item_tag {
      struct ld10k1_ctl_list_item_tag *next;
      ld10k1_ctl_t ctl;
} ld10k1_ctl_list_item_t;

typedef struct ld10k1_patch_tag {
      char *patch_name;
      int order;
      int id;

      unsigned int in_count;
      ld10k1_p_in_out_t *ins;

      unsigned int out_count;
      ld10k1_p_in_out_t *outs;

      unsigned int const_count;
      ld10k1_p_const_sta_t *consts;

      unsigned int sta_count;
      ld10k1_p_const_sta_t *stas;

      unsigned int dyn_count;
      ld10k1_p_dyn_t *dyns;

      unsigned int hw_count;
      ld10k1_p_hw_t *hws;

      unsigned int tram_count;
      ld10k1_p_tram_grp_t *tram_grp;

      unsigned int tram_acc_count;
      ld10k1_p_tram_acc_t *tram_acc;

      unsigned int ctl_count;
      ld10k1_ctl_t *ctl;

      unsigned int instr_count;
      unsigned int instr_offset;
      ld10k1_instr_t *instr;
} ld10k1_patch_t;

#define EMU10K1_PATCH_MAX 128

typedef struct {
      unsigned int gpr_idx;
      unsigned int const_val;
      unsigned int hw;
      unsigned int ref;
      unsigned int used: 1;
} ld10k1_dsp_const_t;

#define GPR_USAGE_NONE 0

typedef struct {
      unsigned int gpr_usage;
      unsigned int val;
      unsigned int ref;
      unsigned int modified: 1,
            used: 1;
} ld10k1_dsp_gpr_t;

/* reserved ctls - for example AC97 */

typedef struct {
      char name[44];
      unsigned int index;
} ld10k1_reserved_ctl_t;

typedef struct ld10k1_reserved_ctl_list_item_tag {
      struct ld10k1_reserved_ctl_list_item_tag *next;
      ld10k1_reserved_ctl_t res_ctl;
} ld10k1_reserved_ctl_list_item_t;

typedef struct {
      int audigy;
      const char *card_id;

      /* registers */
      unsigned int fx_count;
      ld10k1_p_in_out_t fxs[0x40];

      unsigned int in_count;
      ld10k1_p_in_out_t ins[0x20];

      unsigned int out_count;
      ld10k1_p_in_out_t outs[0x40];

      unsigned int consts_max_count;
      ld10k1_dsp_const_t consts[MAX_CONST_COUNT];

      unsigned int regs_max_count;
      ld10k1_dsp_gpr_t regs[MAX_GPR_COUNT];

      /* instructions */
      unsigned int instr_count;
      ld10k1_instr_t instr[1024];

      unsigned int instr_free;

      /* internal tram */
      ld10k1_tram_t i_tram;

      /* external tram */
      ld10k1_tram_t e_tram;

      unsigned int max_tram_grp;
      ld10k1_tram_grp_t tram_grp[MAX_TRAM_COUNT];

      unsigned int max_tram_acc;
      ld10k1_tram_acc_t tram_acc[MAX_TRAM_COUNT];

      unsigned int max_itram_hwacc;
      ld10k1_tram_hwacc_t itram_hwacc[0xC0];
      unsigned int max_etram_hwacc;
      ld10k1_tram_hwacc_t etram_hwacc[0x40];

      unsigned int patch_count;
      ld10k1_patch_t *patch_ptr[EMU10K1_PATCH_MAX];
      unsigned int patch_order[EMU10K1_PATCH_MAX];

      unsigned short patch_id_gens[EMU10K1_PATCH_MAX];

      ld10k1_ctl_list_item_t *add_ctl_list;
      int add_list_count;

      ld10k1_ctl_list_item_t *del_ctl_list;
      int del_list_count;

      ld10k1_ctl_list_item_t *ctl_list;
      int ctl_list_count;
      ld10k1_reserved_ctl_list_item_t *reserved_ctl_list;

      ld10k1_conn_point_t *point_list;
} ld10k1_dsp_mgr_t;

void error(const char *fmt,...);
#endif /* __LD10K1_H */

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